When It Rains? Turn to Jane Post.
Mar 26 2013
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Jane Post“On a rainy night I count the Jane Post coats in a crowd,” says Jane Lipman Post, the design director of Jane Post. The brand is known in the fashion industry as the go-to for raincoats—ultra-chic ones might we add that truly stylize the traditional yellow slicker we’ve classically seen.
The collection began with Post’s early shopping experience when she noticed the gaping hole when it came to rainwear. We agree, why can’t we look dainty, sophisticated, stylish, and all of the above while trudging through puddles as our hair goes limp? The answer: Jane Post. She soon began designing her own styles with her inaugural brand Drizzle which she built with her late husband Jack Lipman. Drizzle was then bought by Fairbrooke in 1995. Post remained president until she retired. She then remarried at the age of 60 in 2003 to matrimonial lawyer Bernard Post.
In 2005 she was asked by Saks Fifth Avenue to come out of retirement and design a new private label of rainwear which began with her iconic “slicker raincoat” that she developed in the 80s. It wasn’t long after that Post launched her own label Jane Post. The brands focus was flawless fits, inspired details—one coat that Post designed was inspired by a shoe box—and stylish quirks, such as the leopard lining on her princess slicker or her trench with a zip-out cashmere liner.

This is why Frances Kahn has carried the extraordinary coats of Jane Post season after season, year after year—it’s not just another rain coat. Last season’s coats consisted of ingenious fabrics such as polypropylene in shades such as fire engine red. The fabrics and treatments were so versatile that our clients will be able to make them work many months out of the year, for many years to come. Post has said time and time again, “It is truly rewarding to see women wearing my designs, and to know that I am helping them stay comfy and chic!” We just hope Post doesn’t decide to go into retirement again anytime soon. With our Virginia weather, a Jane Post coat is more than just chic but a necessity.—FK


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