New To Frances Kahn: Smythe Les Vestes
Mar 18 2013
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Smythe Les Vestes

New this season are made-in-Canada blazers by Smythe.  Their spring collection boasts flawless tailoring upon an ode to vintage pallet consisting of navies, grays, whites, and even a touch of ballet pink.  The versatility of each blazer straddles the line between professional and chic casual which echos the Frances Kahn woman—ready for everything.

When we look at menswear the jacket is the finishing touch that can make or break the overall ensemble.  On that note, Smythe, has taken that fundamental and has translated it into pivotal pieces for a woman’s wardrobe.  A collection grounded by classical menswear tailoring details, Smythe has provided the effeminate response to “the jacket”.—FK

Celebrities in Smythe Les Vestes


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