New To Frances Kahn: Khrima Eliazov
Mar 22 2013
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Khrima Eliazov (1)Khrima Eliazov has won over Hollywood style icons Jennifer Lopez, Sienna Miller, and Blake Lively with her Cha Cha handbag. Now former fashion editor and brand consultant Khrima Eliazov’s self-branded arm candy creations will join the Frances Kahn repertoire.  Her handbag designs are known for the utmost attention to detail as they play with lux finishes from fine Italian leathers and exotic skins.  She has been known to add layer on top of layer for contrast like stingray over python.  In an interview with Elle Magazine, Eliazov explained that her inspiration for her spring collection came from a trip to the exclusive Bhutan—an easy-to-miss country between China and India that only allows 250 tourists a year.   “Their mantra is gross national happiness, and the scenery inspired my color palate.  As a designer, it was really nice to just step away and return with a refreshed state of mind and all of these inspiring colors,” said Eliazov to Elle.  With what has already arrived in-store at Frances Kahn, we have spotted Eliazov’s vacay-influence with muted colors from what could have easily been picked up from Bhutan’s landscape.

Our overall impression: These pieces are both stunning and unique!—FK

Source: Khirma

Source: Khirma



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