Drifting into Frances Kahn
Jul 23 2013
Category: News

Made in the USA Drifter new at Frances Kahn


noun \ˈdrif-tər\ : one that DRIFTS; especially : one that travels or moves about aimlessly : a fashion label set out to create innovative solutions for basic and classic designs by mixing luxurious materials with fabrics that have a soft touch, while putting a twist on traditional seaming, pocketing, and darting; utilizing fabrications and materials of the highest standards, all designed, sourced, and made in the USA

Source: drifter.com
Drifter essential tees will be available in black, cream, navy, and green. They are seamless and as one of our store associates described, “as if you’re not wearing anything.” Frances Kahn is the only store in Virginia to carry Drifter.





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