Frances Kahn Summer Essentials
May 17 2013
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If the weather this week is just the beginning of summer, be prepared for a hot one.  We have put together our list of summer essentials that you will need to stay beautiful and fashionable for the upcoming season.

Lola Cruz

FLAT SANDALS WITH PERSONALITY.  These Lola Cruz sandals are not only comfortable, but they are equally stunning with metallic detail on a 1/2″ heel and a metallic mesh finish that dazzles the top of your foot.  Also available in silver and gold, these sandals will peek from under your maxi dress unnoticed or draw attention with a shorter number.

Me and Kashmire COLORFUL SCARF.  A light scarf, like this one from Me & Kashmir, with a great punch of color is the essential as the sun sets to cooler evenings.  During the day, use it as a colorful accent when you tie it to your bag.

Christina Jarvey

GOLD ACCENTS.  Gold against sun-kissed skin, will claim you as a summer bombshell.  These Christina Jervey bangles are both lightweight and interesting with their shape and finish.  Stacked amongst an array of other special pieces you may have, they portray effortless styling that is the key to summer style.


PRACTICAL SATCHEL.  Whether you’re the outdoorsy type or one who makes her way through and around town meeting friends for patio randez-vous, you will need a bag that doesn’t get in your way like this Hammitt leather satchel.  Soft against your bare shoulders it provides you with more than enough space for everything you’re toting around.

Feel the Piece

CLASSIC MAXI.  A jersey maxi is a far too easy choice during the dog days of summer.  It wears effortlessly and if you’re a jet-setter, will pack like a charm, sans wrinkles.  This little number from Feel The Piece is in a shade that looks stellar against any skin tone and is the ultimate backdrop to however you wish to style it.  Play it casual cool or elegant chic—whatever your mood.


H2O.  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  It will give you that radiant skin that we all strive for and can even curb your hunger.  A little VOSS bottle of water like this travels well in your bag.  Aim to drink eight glasses a day.  You’ll see the difference.

BB Cream

SUNSCREEN.  It is the ultimate anti-ager.  BB creams like this from Garnier, not only gives you a natural tint, correction, and concealer, it also gives you sunscreen.  We love this product for it’s multiple available shades, but also for the natural glow it gives.  Not to mention the price.  You’ll be surprised.



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