Aug 3 2013

Coming in October to Frances Kahn is Crippen, by J Brand co-founder Susie Crippen. The collection started after J Brand was sold in 2010. The designer traveled through Turkey, Spain, France, Brazil,… Read More »

Jul 23 2013

Made in the USA Drifter new at Frances Kahn DRIFTER noun \ˈdrif-tər\ : one that DRIFTS; especially : one that travels or moves about aimlessly : a fashion label set out to… Read More »

Jun 18 2013

This fall, Donna Karan’s collection is called, “Sensual.  Soulful.  Sculptural.”  It highlights the curves of a woman and embraces them.  The work of Donna Karan’s late husband, Stephen Weiss , a sculpture… Read More »